Guild Challenges

In 2013, we began quarterly challenges, each with a different theme, recorded here for posterity.  Join in the fun to see how everyone interprets each challenge...


     SPRING challenge - due April 2019 - Create at least one item to enter into the Silver Dollar Fair Fiber categories


    WINTER challenge - due at January meeting 2019:
        "CNCH Tiny Purse contest":  Create a tiny purse/kit that fits inside a one quart baggie to hold emergency fiber supplies.

    SUMMER challenge - show & tell at September meeting: 

    SPRING challenge - due April 2018 - "The Natural World" - for Guild gallery at the California Nut Festival

    Jungle vines, leaves, a felted river, river rocks, animals, nut trees, sea life - anything that goes with our waterfall and coral reef


    SPRING challenge - due May 2017 - "Spring Into Action"
    Complete those items long in time-out or start something new from your stash or something long in planning.

    WINTER - January Meeting - "Winter Elegance"


    FALL - November  Meeting - "Inspired by Nature"

    SUMMER - September Meeting - "Summertime"

    SPRING - May Meeting - "LACE-Laugh And Create Everything"

    WINTER - January Meeting - "Winter Elegance"


    AUTUMN - September Meeting - "Picnic"

    SPRING - May Meeting - "Spring into Color"
    An opportunity to explore your artist medium with color.

    WINTER - January Meeting - "New Beginnings"
    Materials to be recycled or up-cycled; final product can be produced using any medium.


    AUTUMN - September Meeting - What I did over the Summer
    Share whatever projects you worked on during the summer.