Sheep-to-Shawl Team

Meets 4th Saturdays, 1pm - following Weavers' Study Group meeting - at same location.
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Lead Facilitator:  Cyndi Dickinson

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Threshing Bee June 9, 2018

The Sheep 2 Shawl team had a wonderful day at Patrick Ranch.  The weather was glorious, not to cool, not to warm.

The following guild members participated in our second demo of sheep 2 shawl, hats off to all as they did a wonderful job.


  Carder – Linda Hilgeman

  Spinners –Collen Harvey-Arrison, Felicia Heidrick, Jane Burke, & Marielle Peterson

  Plier – Cyndi Dickinson

  Weaver – Mary Shoger

  Educator/ Docent – Lori Mason  


Here are some specifics of this year’s project

  •  Fiber – We used fleeces from Marilyn Cardinal’s last year’s flock (Lincoln & Romedale cross) & some of Cyndi’s merino fleece bought last year from Merry Meadow’s Farm
    • 1 white & 1 gray from Marilyn
    • 1 white from Merry Meadows
  • Dyed the gray with Cushings plum to achieve 2 colors
    • 1 strong plum, & light plum (once the first skein was dyed I dropped the second skein to just tinted the gray)
  • Pattern – Dornick Twill
  • Warp – total warp yardage 840 yards  (248 ends + 2 floats on both sides = 252 ends ; Warp length 120 inches)
    • White – 306 yards
    • Purple – 287 yards

    • Light purple – 247yards
  • Weft- Linda carded 298 grams (10.6 oz) of the mixed merino & Lincoln cross & we used 258 grams (9.2 oz) approx. 801 yards
  • Sizes 
    • on the loom -  24 5/8 inches in the reed, 22 3/8 at the fell line
    • off loom - 21.5 inches by 92
    • Finished size after washing in eucalan  is 19 inches x 87 inches without fringe

Though we didn’t complete the shawl in the 4.5 hours the Sheep to Shawl competition rules stipulate, we learned a great deal from this event which will help us in the Lambtown event this October.  Here is a photo of the finished shawl, which was raffled off.

This report was given by Cynd Dickonson